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Inspired by Ethiopian culture, heritage, and the arts, Guenet Fresenbet(Gigi) developed a passion for the exquisite handmade fabric (TIBEB) with a vision to pursue her personal goals and dreams as well as to make a difference in her home land. In 1995 while on vacation from the U.S.A, where she lived for almost fifteen years, she started doing informal research on all Ethiopian traditional Hand loomed fabrics. As an artist and fashion Designer totally impressed with the technique, she discovered that there were many problems with consistency in the color, texture, artistry as well as quality in order to compete internationally.

Gigi gained tremendous experience working with major labels in Los Angeles like Bisou-Bisou Jonathan Martin, Jolly USA (an Ethiopian Owned Jr. sportswear label), Just to name a few…

How it Began in Addis…

As most returnees from abroad, she was facing many challenges adjusting. In spite of all the challenges after eight months of preparation, with the support of countless people and corporate sponsors In April 1999, at the very new luxury hotel Sheraton Addis she launched Gigi Haute Couture, Ethiopia’s first luxury brand in Addis Ababa. It was an instant success! Though Gigi was successful showing her Exquisite pieces to the public, she was not experienced in setting up a smoothly ran and managed business and still be able to create unique pieces each day. With trainings in Entrepreneurship, International trade and management as well as business mentoring programs provided by ENTERPRISE ETHIOPIA CENTER,

She was able to continue to grow and expand. After over twenty International shows, in May 2009, together with her staff Clients of 10 year, friends and supporters, celebrated Gigi-Haute Couture’s tenth year Anniversary on the same stage at the Sheraton Addis.

Now, Gigi Haute couture is one of Africa’s leading Luxury Fashion Brands out of Addis Ababa.

There is not much race in luxury, it’s made to fit the client’s body, test, occasion, and the exclusivity fits her lifestyle!

About Gigi Ethiopia Gigi-Ethiopia is a luxury fashion and life style company with two specialized, but interrelated divisions.


Africa’s infinite luxury in fashion

Established in 1999, focuses on designing and manufacturing of luxury occasion dresses ( haute couture) & Bridals , on made to order bases, fashion accessories utilizing top of the line In-house designed & traditionally hand loomed Fabrics for local and export markets.


There is always beauty made of Africa ‘Made of Africa’ was Launched in 2007 for home accessories line like, cushions, runners, furniture & to turn utilitarian crafts in to decorative items for accentuating designer style homes. The company has 42 permanent Workers &over 100 sub contractors, 40% of staffs are women & 5 out of 6 managers are also women.

We stand out because we …

Revolutionized Ethiopia’s traditional costume ,made it appealing & luxurious.
Recognized & awarded for being Highly creative Was selected as one of the top 16 Africa’s New Millennium Designers for the year 2000 (“Africa designs”, designer’s competition held in South Africa by DSTV’S M-NET Channel).
Represented Africa, East Africa & Ethiopia for over a decade in over 20 Fashion shows around the Globe.

Featured in many magazines, News papers & TV Documentaries.
published Ethiopia’s first fashion magazine (GIGI ECM–Ethiopian Contemporary Mode 2000).
Give back to the community here and abroad by not only training young girls to become fashion models, also sponsored many Ethiopian beauties when they represent Ethiopia on International stages like Miss Universe & Miss World, etc…

Our future Goal

To continue to lead & create the art of Africa’s infinite Luxury in Fashion & Life style and also offer products in the industry with absolute perfection and refinement.
To expand by six folds in the next five years.


Gigi would like to thank first and for most God the almighty for the Gift and her undying Persistence. Mr. Behailu Bezabeh her high school Art teacher who discovered her talent, Her late father and role Model Fresenbet Azmach, for his values, kindness and encouragement. Mr.Solomon Wale her business mentor for all the support. Her staff at Gigieth, her esteemed customers, fans, friends, family, especially her daughter Destiny and corporate sponsors for their continuous support.

About Us

Gigi Ethiopia, presented in the style of a fashion Magazine . Our virtual pages feature slick and original fashion content, photographs and unique hand woven fabrics for special occasion dresses as well as home decoration.

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